Love…What is It?

It’s making sure to wake you up on time in the morning because you always forget to set an alarm.

It’s finding a clean coffee mug waiting for you on the counter with the Keurig on and heated – even when he didn’t make coffee for himself that morning.

It’s running your car for you in the morning so it’s not too cold when you get in later.

It’s when he moves your car that’s blocking him in, but then takes the time to move it back so that you don’t have to trudge through the snow and slush in the driveway.

It’s random texts throughout the day asking how it’s going, telling you that he misses you, and letting you know that he can’t wait to see you later.

 It’s always being willing to stop at the store even after a long day’s work, because it makes things easier on you.

It’s bringing you popcorn from that store because he remembered you saying a few days ago that you wish you had some in the house.

It’s taking the baby out for a ride on overwhelming days so that you can have a few minutes to breathe.

It’s never giving up on trying to make you laugh when you’re exhausted and crabby even if he knows you will refuse to.

It’s never getting upset and happily taking over the household responsibilities when you schedule a girl’s night out.

It’s taking on every single household project you come up with because he knows it will make you happy. 

It’s putting the laundry in the dryer because you feel asleep before the washer ended…again.

It’s putting the baby to bed because he knows you need time to catch up on work or this week’s TV shows.

It’s holding your hand as you fall asleep and still holding it when you wake up in the morning to start all over again.

It’s being the man you dreamed about meeting, the husband that you hoped and prayed for, and the wonderful father that you always knew he would be.

I am not the type person who needs to hear “I love you” every second, every minute, or even every day. The old saying of “actions speak louder than words” is something I have always strongly believed in.

 His actions speak volumes of the love he has for me. I just hope mine speak the same to him.


17 thoughts on “Love…What is It?

  1. Wow Michelle, you have quite a man! He’s a keeper for sure and you are very lucky to have him. It’s those little things that are the most important that show someone you love them. I love this post!


  2. Is this a wish list or an actual list? Ha ha ha ha.

    I never realized he did all of these sweet things for you. We never share sweet stories about our husbands, I guess. We usually just share complaints. These are really kind gestures.

    I like this format a lot. If you don’t mind, I’m going to use it as one of my Be Inspired posts later this month when I’m hosting the challenge. Email me if that’s okay.

    Love means… letting your friend use your blog post as inspiration to others.


  3. Actions DO speak louder than words. It’s truly in all little things, and it starts the minute you wake to the minute you lay your head down. How great that you took the time to reflect on all the little ways he shows you his love. 🙂


  4. His actions sure do show his love. How wonderful…and just be writing this shows that you know what a wonderful man he is…and I think, you must be a special kind of woman to have such a man. Thanks for the uplifting post.


  5. Finally! I found you. Shoe, I’m so excited to see things like this from you. Love the blog. Love this piece. Love the sentiment of love listed and all the specific reasons you picked the gooch! This is so sweet!

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