Tales of a Fourth Grade Something

The day has come. I have nothing to write about. NOTHING!

I’m not at all surprised. We are on Day 6 of the challenge. If you remember from my first slice, I usually get in about five good days until I fizzle out. Well, I’m fizzled.

Can you tell me again why I agreed to do this??

Hold on. A few days ago, I was looking through that box of childhood items. I was trying to find a beloved fairy tale book that I want to show Lily. I found it, but along with it I found the book that my classmates and I published when in the fourth grade.

Our teacher gave each of us a picture of a random object. We had to write about that object in any way we chose. It could be a story, a poem, or whatever our little fourth grade hearts desired. She then took all of the finished products and made us each our own keepsake book.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My object was a cartoon drawing of a big floppy hat. It was yellow with a red ribbon wrapped around it that tied neatly into a large bow. There was also one pink feather sticking out from the side. It was the ugliest hat I had ever seen and I chose to write a poem about it.

I’m a floppy hat. My name is Red Bow. A lady named May bought me a few years ago.

She thought that I was the prettiest hat there, with my light yellow bottom and my pink feathered hair.

We were the best of friends. She wore me to the fair. She liked me so much that she wore me everywhere.

When I was on her head, her hair tickled my nose. It tickled so much; I almost sneezed off my bows.

A few days ago, May died. I was sad and I cried.

A friend of May’s took me home. I didn’t like it there ‘cause she had a dog named Simone.

Simone hated me, so she chewed me full of holes. Now they threw me in the garbage with old, stinky clothes.

What a sad end for May’s best friend.

I mean, if I can come up with this gem at the ripe old age of 10, there is no reason I wouldn’t be able to complete this challenge, right?

We’ll see what’s to come in the next 27 days…

Hopefully it’s a bit more thought-provoking than May’s floppy hat.


12 thoughts on “Tales of a Fourth Grade Something

  1. A lot to like in this slice…even though you were doubting you would, you found an idea for writing, you told the story of a teacher who did something we all hope for as teachers- provided a learning experience that made you say all these years later, “I remember it like it was yesterday,” and shared writing from your fourth grade self! Great slice!


  2. I feel your struggle. I feel everyday I have nothing to write about. I sit and stare at a blank page waiting for an idea. That was a cute little poem you wrote about the floppy hat!
    And I think you are doing great, I enjoy reading what you write about.


  3. Sometimes we think our topic isn’t great enough, but it is. Just look around, think show don’t tell, and before you know it there will be a slice, just like today. Got a favorite ________(fill in the blank), describe it, explain why it is your favorite. You can do this! You have just barely tapped the well of words waiting to come out.


  4. That poem was amazing from a 4th grader! You should frame that and put in your daughter’s room or at school to remind yourself of your witty and good writing and of a childhood relic.


  5. You share stories so well. I loved that poem. Don’t sweat it, we all stare at a blank screen trying to come up with ideas. I can’t wait to read what you share next!


  6. I feel your self doubt and struggle. It is one I think most of us share. I liked your post especially how you came to wrote a poem about the hat. You can do this. Keep showing up and reminding yourself you are a writer.


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