Home-Cooked Meal

Weekdays are extremely busy in our house. On the days that my parents watch Lily, I leave work and drive to the Midway Airport area to pick her up. On a good day, I can make it there by 3:45 but once I chat with them for a bit, pack up her things, and head out the door, it’s 4:30 or later. This means that I don’t get home until after 5:00. Even on the days she is at daycare, we’re home after 4:00. This makes for quick and easy dinners in our house.

Most times it’s something that is easily tossed together – soup and grilled cheese, pasta, boxed jambalaya, plain old sandwiches, or delivery from whatever local restaurant we’re not sick of eating from.

We have our preferred meals that we used to make on a regular basis but now that Lily is here and we’re running to and fro after work, they just take so much time to prepare that it’s impossible to make them during the week.

Our favorite is Cuban picadillo with a side of Puerto-Rican potatoes and beans. It is extremely delicious but again, so time consuming that we don’t make it very often anymore. Imagine my excitement when I found the same recipe but tweaked for the slow cooker! I decided to try it for tonight’s meal. I woke up early this morning and prepped everything, put it into the crock pot, set it to cook, and walked out the door for work.

When Lily and I got home from grandma and grandpa’s house tonight we were welcomed by the aroma of our scrumptious meal waiting for us. The fragrance of garlic and cilantro, cumin and tomatoes, and peppers and onions wafted slowly through the house and greeted our senses.

I opened up the slow cooker to stir and show Lily our mouth-watering meal and she responded with a resounding, “Mmmmm!” I guess she was just as excited as I was.

We savored every bite and scraped our plates clean.

One good dinner + one happy husband and child = one blissful mommy/wife!

It’s amazing how much a home-cooked meal can lift the spirits after a long and tiring day.

IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119 IMG_0123



11 thoughts on “Home-Cooked Meal

  1. It is amazing, that feeling of doing it all right for once! Working, taking care of the babe, keeping it all together, eating something that hits the spot. That’s a wonderful feeling to share even if I wouldn’t eat it if you paid me. JK. Except I wouldn’t. I LOVE THEIR FACES! And “When Lily and I got home from grandma and grandpa’s house tonight we were welcomed by the aroma of our scrumptious meal waiting for us.” Scrumptious slice!


  2. And a super mom you are. What would make you even more super is if you came to my house and did that. Haha. I can hear your appreciation and your proud sense for your home-cooked meal. As you should. It’s no easy task. Bravo!


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