I have been drawing a complete blank today on a topic to write about. So my good friend and Literacy Coach, Dana Murphy, suggested that I try this currently piece. It is part of the “Be Inspired” segment that The Two Writing Teachers posted a few days back.


Listening: To The Best of Buddy Holly. It’s Lily’s favorite album and part of our nightly after dinner routine. Daddy has to slow dance to “Words of Love” with her and we all have to dance to “Oh Boy” – her favorite song on the album.

Eating: Nothing at the moment, although we just finished dinner about 20 minutes ago. Lily and I shared a grilled cheese sandwich with some beef barley soup and Howard had a sub sandwich. Again, it was one of those hectic weekday nights!

Drinking: A large glass of ice water. I don’t ever drink enough water and my body feels it. I just can’t get myself to drink the recommended daily requirement. Maybe some fresh lemon or cucumber slices would be helpful.  I don’t think I even had any today before this glass. I need to work harder at getting more in a day.

Wearing: The outfit I wore to work. We didn’t get home until almost 6:00 (traffic was TERRIBLE tonight) and we had to start dinner almost immediately. This left no time for me to change and I can’t wait to get into my most comfy pajamas!

Reading: Comprehending Problem Solving, by Arthur Hyde. I’m terrible at teaching problem solving in math. I know how to solve problems but explaining how I do it is a challenge for me. It just comes to me. I won’t accept that explanation from a student, so how I can give that as mine? I try to read as many educator resources on math problem solving as I can.

Feeling: Exhausted and kind of like I’m getting sick. I woke up with a sore throat this morning and have had an on and off headache all day. Illness has been running rampant in my house this winter.

Wanting: This warmer weather to stay for good! The more we are able to open up the windows, the less the germs invade us. Also, the three of us are outdoor people. We are all much nicer and happier people when we can spend a part of our day or evening outside.

Needing: A good night’s sleep. I have arthritis and have had some pain during the night lately, even when taking Aleve right before I lay down. This leads to less sleep for me on most nights because I cannot seem to find a comfortable position. Even if there is no pain, I still wake up a couple of times to check on Lily. Yes, I am neurotic like that.

Thinking: That Lily’s eye teeth are about to pop through. Even though she doesn’t seem sick-sick anymore, she still has a cough from all the drool that is pouring from her mouth. She is also chewing on anything she can get her hands on including our fingers, arms, and shoulders.

Enjoying:  Watching Lily play. We recently created a playroom for all of her toys out of our spare room. This left much more space in the family room to run around. We kept her dolly’s stroller, her vacuum ball popper, and her large exercise ball in here. It’s always fun to watch her push those things around at top speed while giggling the whole way through.


9 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I clicked on your post because I am struggling to find something to write about tonight, too. It is late, and I am tired. However, I want to post. I think I have just gotten a second wind and a great idea! Thank you!

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  2. Michelle,
    Great idea! I must admit to keeping a Pinterest board full of mentor posts for the days when writing gets challenging.

    Like you, I’m hoping the warmer weather will stay for good.


    P.S. I’m thinking if you peek inside your post you will find a lot of ideas hiding waiting to be written about. :o)


  3. I look foward to reading your blog every evening. Especially with my short attention span and inability to sit still. Reading your thoughts keeps me in my seat!!

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  4. I love this slice Michelle! I think this might have to be one of my slices coming up because I too am starting to get stuck! This would be a good one to share with students as well – they get stuck too!


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