Spring Days

Little darling

The smiles returning to the faces

Little darling

It seems like years since it’s been here

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

And I say

It’s alright

– The Beatles (George Harrison)

Today was good day.

I dropped Lily off at daycare. She didn’t cry at all when I left.

When I picked her up, she ran to me smiling.

She wanted to walk herself to the car, rather than have me carry her.

She sang and chatted during the entire car ride home.

We stopped at the park. She swung in the swing, rode the merry-go-round, talked to Yogi bear, rode the merry-go-round, swung in the swing, and ran around in the gazebo.

We stopped at home, picked up the stroller, and took a walk down the block to Aunt Cathie’s house.

She played with her cousins outside, played with Dodger (the dog) inside, and then played some more with her cousins outside.

We went home, ate our dinner, and then listened to our Buddy Holly album.

We danced, we sang, we chased each other around the room, we tickled each other, and we laughed.

She took a bath and we splashed and splashed.

She is now peacefully asleep.

Spring has sprung. The air is warmer, the trees and the flowers are budding, the birds are singing and, most importantly, the sun is shining.

A spring day makes people happy. It makes people smile.

It makes for good days.


8 thoughts on “Spring Days

  1. Yes! And love the song. It’s my go-to sunshine song. I sing it regularly when stepping out the front door or out to recess with the kids. I loved reading about your day with Lily. The fog has lifted. Spring has sprung.


  2. We went to the park too! See, everything worked out. I don’t hate Winter, but I do think it takes more time away from our little ones. Love the song choice in your lead. Perfect!


  3. It’s true! I saw you walking down the hallway yesterday in your pretty spring colored outfit (pale pink, I think) and you were definitely smiling. I love the added Beatles quote.


  4. What a wonderful day ! loved hearing about you and Lily dancing, singing and laughing around the room. Makes me want to get up and sing! I won’t, lol, but it makes me want to get up and sing!


  5. Love this and can’t wait to do it with Fiona! Also, I’m pretty much obsessed with Buddy Holly and the Beatles so we might as well become best friends…just sayin!


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