I Apologize

To my friend:

I’m sorry that I upset you today. I honestly did not mean to.

You seemed troubled and nervous and I wanted to make you feel better, but I ended up making you feel worse.

You told me something in confidence and I brought it to another’s attention.

I tried to make light of the situation and bring a little humor, but I ended up making you feel embarrassed.

I wanted you to see how great we all think you are, but I think it somehow made you feel the opposite.

I just wanted to support you, but I made you feel like I wasn’t.

Sometimes I say or do things with the best intentions in mind, but I don’t stop to consider how it will play out or that it may not be the right thing to do at the moment. I don’t think of how someone’s feelings may be separate from my own or that they may feel different in a situation than I would. It’s a flaw of mine that I will continue to work on.

My actions hurt you today and for that I am truly sorry.


6 thoughts on “I Apologize

    • I love this piece. It brings our your inner you. I’m surprised you didn’t write about oh. I might have a feeling of who it is. I’m sure this special someone will forgive you and know you didn’t mean it. You have good intentions. That is something not a lot of people have.

      Ariana legrand from thelifeofa5thgrader


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