Time is Flying By

Until I became a parent, I never realized how quickly time passes. Lately, I have been so amazed with how much and how fast Lily is changing and growing from day to day. I remember her being this little blob of a newborn, doing nothing much but napping the day away, and now all of a sudden she is this little PERSON!

Today we made a quick stop at the grocery store on our way home from daycare. As we’re strolling down the aisle, I become lost in my own thoughts of trying to figure out what I should pick up for dinner. I quickly snap out of it once I hear her excitement. “Cacker! Cacker!”

I look up to notice that we are passing boxes and boxes of different types of crackers. The second we passed the last box, she shouts, “Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!”

She has said these words before, but only when we’ve actually handed her a cracker or cookie. Seeing that she distinctly knows what these items are just by looking at the boxes makes me giggle.

We head to the end of the aisle and I see her pointing up ahead. “Juice!” Sure enough, there are all the colorful bottles of juice.

We make our way toward the dairy section and I hear her excitement again. “Miwk!” Well this is a new one! “Did you just say milk, honey?” She points to the refrigerator next to the one I’m pulling cottage cheese from. “Miwk!”  “Yes,” I said, “that’s milk!” (I was beginning to question my parenting when she was pointing out all the junk food, but “miwk” makes me feel a little better.)

We are walking down toward the freezer area when I notice her looking into an aisle we are passing. “Cheeps!” Yep, that is the chip aisle.

Once we get home, I turn on the TV to keep her occupied for a few minutes while I unpack the groceries. She always watches the same shows, so I decide to put on something that she has only watched a few times. “Mucka Mice! Muka Mice!” How the heck does she know that is Mickey Mouse? We’ve honestly only watched this show maybe three times!

I wrote a slice at the beginning of the month about how Lily’s vocabulary was increasing at the time. In just a few short weeks, it has almost tripled. How do these little ones learn so much at such a fast pace?

She is growing up so quickly and in some ways it makes me sad. My once little baby is now a toddler. She will someday be a “big girl”, then a teenager, and finally an adult.

It all goes by so fast. As much as I want to stop the clock and keep her my little baby forever, I can’t.

The only thing I can do is cherish these small moments when they happen.


5 thoughts on “Time is Flying By

  1. Someway or another Mickey Mouse always makes its way into kids heads! Good to hear! No but seriously, it is amazing to see how fast they grow up and it is sad sometimes to think they are growing up so fast.


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