Life’s Little Mysteries

I often wonder about the complexity of life and the world. Why do bad things happen to good people? What stopped something awful from happening to one person, but not the other?

This morning’s events really had me thinking.

The usual Monday, Thursday, and Friday routine consists of me rushing out the door to get Lily to daycare before breakfast begins. She doesn’t eat at home in the morning so I always want to make sure I drop her off with enough time before breakfast to unpack, wash her hands, and let her play a bit.

If I leave at the preferred time (which I usually don’t), I am able to stop to get coffee by my house. I love when I have time because this particular location always makes my coffee exactly how I like it. But, I usually don’t have time so I end up dropping her off and afterward stopping at the closest location to work to get it.

Today, as usual, we left later than I would have liked. But as I drove past my local coffee shop, something told me to stop. Even though the drive-thru line was all the way out to the street, I still stopped – something I would NEVER do. I just really felt in the mood for my coffee to be perfect today. We sat in the drive-thru lane for close to ten minutes (Lily complaining the ENTIRE time) and then we were on our way to school once again.

It was snowing and the roads were a bit icy so I was cautiously driving while talking to her. I then noticed a police car driving through traffic with his lights flashing. He must have caught someone speeding, I thought to myself. This stretch of road is a notorious speed trap.

As I reached the next stoplight, I saw the police car stop, turn, and block the upcoming overpass. I saw cars sitting on the hill with their brake lights on and some sort of large work vehicle blocking my two lanes as well as the two oncoming lanes.

My breath stopped for a moment. That could have been Lily and me in that accident. Granted, I didn’t know how bad the accident was or if there were even any serious injuries, but we could have been involved.

If we weren’t running late and if I hadn’t had stopped for that coffee, we may have been a part of it.

This made me wonder. I almost never stop for coffee there when I’m running late, let alone if the line is too long. What made me stop?

Was it some sort of deep down intuition that I wasn’t even aware of? Was someone watching over us to make sure we weren’t there at the time of the accident? Was it dumb luck? Was it just coincidence?

Whatever it was, I was sure glad that we were both going to make it to our destinations safely and soundly. I said a quick prayer of thanks for our safety and one of hope for those involved in the accident, while we continued on our way.

But, I still wondered…


6 thoughts on “Life’s Little Mysteries

  1. As I cruise down the parkway here and people zip past, I thank God for my safety. It’s something that is easy to take for granted.


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