No More Excuses

I am constantly exhausted. No matter how well I sleep, I wake up tired, I work all day tired, and I go to bed tired.

A friend at work (who I’m sure is really sick of hearing me saying how tired I am all the time) told me that I need to take a multi-vitamin, maybe drink protein shakes, or even try some essential oils. She said even with dealing with raising a kid, I shouldn’t be this tired all the time.

And she’s right.

So I got to thinking about my lonely, neglected, elliptical machine that is sitting sadly by itself in the basement. This is the machine that I bought almost 5 years ago and have used only a handful of times.

There was always an excuse not to pay this poor bugger any attention.

First it was that the tiny room it lived in my non-central air apartment was too hot to work out in. There was no window unit in that room.

Then we bought our house and its new room was a very large, very cool basement.  But, I became pregnant shortly after we moved in and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Once I had Lily, my new excuse was that I just didn’t have the time.

I know I really should start getting some use out of this expensive machine and I’m sure even a short time with it daily will make both me and it feel better that it’s finally getting some attention.

Therefore, I’m making a vow to the both of us that I will find time every day to visit it, even if it’s for just a short while. The funny thing is, is that this writing challenge has helped me decide on this vow. I figure that if I was able to make the time to write on a daily basis no matter how tired I was, I can now use the time to work out, especially since I won’t HAVE to commit to writing daily.

So, beginning tomorrow night (my last slice for tomorrow is already written) I WILL make the commitment to take this time for myself.

Or maybe I’ll commit to drinking more wine…


6 thoughts on “No More Excuses

  1. The days of a mom – always long, never short, too much to do, always thinking, never stopping…but you will get through it. I always wondered how people did it. How was everyone able to do this without being exhausted like I was? I finally figured it out…it was my lifestyle. I started drinking protein shakes and fueling my body with superfoods, way less sugar (I have a sweet tooth) and way less gluten. Wow – what a difference! The exercise helps immensely too. I think it’s a good idea to set realistic goals because when we set unrealistic goals we fail, and when we fail, we give up. So, maybe make it a promise to use that little bugger 2 times a week and if you do more – awesome. Then raise your goal. Or if you want to do it everyday – don’t commit to an amount of time – as you said. You CAN do this! I love the personification of the elliptical. I pictured the poor thing with a frown feeling depressed. LOL! Go make it happy! 🙂

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  2. LOL! Ok, I was not implying that you need to get up on that elliptical and put it to use. However, I do think it will give you that burst of energy you need. We all go through tired moments. Long winters, dark days, and cold mornings will definitely put you into a funk.


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